Saturday, February 11, 2012

2012 Bay State Winter Games at Williams College and Figure Skating

The 2012 Winter Bay State Games are now under way at Williams College in scenic Williamstown, Massachusetts.

The figure skating competition began yesterday and there are over 500 figure skaters taking part!

The Massachusetts Amateur Sports Foundation, with the help of many professionals and volunteers, has made these games a very special venue.

Above I have posted some information from a gorgeous brochure that was produced, since the ice show is tonight at which featured skaters get to perform as well as certain medalists. I have also included photos of several skaters that competed yesterday at the Bay State Games and that train with my daughter at FMC Greenfield under Ms. Suzy McCaughtry, their fabulous coach!

I am not an Ice Mom, although my daughter has been skating for 13 years and competing for over a decade. Only recently have I been able to watch her compete and I enjoyed watching her medal at the State Games of America in beautiful San Diego last summer.

I guess my husband is an Ice Dad and yesterday he took our daughter to the Bay State Games and she medaled. More importantly, she loves working at the beautiful and very challenging sport of figure skating.

Tonight our daughter will be a featured soloist at the Ice Show, which I am so much looking forward to!

I am even prouder that she is now a coach and mentor and last week watched two of her skaters compete (at ages 5 and 6, no less).