Sunday, February 5, 2012

Figure Skater and Now Coach

It is now the competitive figure skating season and next weekend the Winter Bay State Games at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts will be taking place, which we are very much looking forward to since this has become a family tradition.

My daughter, Alexandra, has been skating for 13 years and has been competing for almost as many years and last summer she medaled at the State Games of America in beautiful San Diego and was the ISI district champion.

Yesterday, however, my husband and I were at a skating competition at a rink that we had never been to before located at Fitchburg State University in central Massachusetts. We were there not to watch our daughter compete but to support two of her students that she has been instructing in her new role as a skating coach. The Basic Skills skating competition was hosted by the Wallace Figure Skating Club and the club did a wonderful job. It was the first time that our daughter was at a skating competition as a coach.

Her two students, who competed at the Basic Skills competition yesterday, at such young ages, handled themselves with such poise and, if I may say, maturity, that they were a delight to watch. The fact that they both won two medals each, including gold ones, just added to the specialness of the afternoon. The support provided by their families was heart-warming, as well.

My daughter's fabulous skating coach, Ms. Suzy McCaughtry, had several of her younger skaters also competing and the smiles in the photos above capture the pay-offs from everyone's hard work.