Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Now for Some Great News -- 3 Isenberg PhDs in Management Science Receive Promotion and Tenure

With the new academic year upon us and with so much happening in the world, I thought that it would be inspirational to share some great news.

For this blogpost, I am wearing my "Academic Mom" hat as the chair of doctoral students' dissertations.

Getting a PhD is one milestone, getting a good job afterwards is another, and getting promotion and tenure, yet another big achievement.

2012 has been quite an eventful year for several graduates of our Isenberg School of Management PhD track in Management Science program at UMass Amherst, but, then again, I am biased, since I was their dissertation chair.

I always say that "Good news happens in threes."

Earlier, I had shared that my former doctoral student, Dr. Jose M. Cruz (with the 5 UMass Amherst degrees) had been named an Ackerman Scholar. He has also  been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure at the School of Business at the University of Connecticut Storrs. He is now the Interim Director of the Business Analytics and Project Management Master's program at UConn.

In addition, Dr. Ke "Grace" Ke was also promoted to Associate Professor with tenure at the College of Business at Central Washington University. She was also my doctoral student at the Isenberg School.

And, just this past week, my former doctoral student, Dr. Fuminori Toyasaki, informed me that he was  promoted to Associate Professor with tenure at the School of Administrative Studies at York University in Toronto, Canada. Prior to joining the faculty at York University, he had had a two year fabulous postdoc at McGill University in Montreal and worked there with our esteemed colleagues, Professor Vedat Verter and Professor Tamer Boyaci.

In the photo above, from a few years back, I am standing with (l-r) Dr. Fuminori Toyasaki, Dr. Tina Wakolbinger (who is now a Full Professor at the Vienna University of Economics and Business), Dr. Ke "Grace" Ke, Dr. Jose M. Cruz, celebrating the visit of Dr. Patrizia Daniele of Italy nd her husband, along with Dr. Dmytro Matsypura (who a year or so ago received tenure at the University of Sydney), and Dr. Zugang "Leo" Liu of Penn State University Hazleton.

It is great to see Operations Research and Management Science thriving!

You can find the titles of their PhD dissertations and the abstracts, along with links to several of their publications on the Supernetworks website.