Friday, November 16, 2012

Interesting Upcoming Conferences on Networks, Computational Management Science, and Logistics in Great Locations

I recently returned from the 59th Annual North American Meetings of the Regional Science Association International in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, November 7-10, 2012, which was wonderful not only scientifically but also socially. At the conference the Japan section of the RSAI also honored Professor David E. Boyce for his research with a wonderful dinner, medal, and certificate.

Last Saturday, at the conference, I also was completely surprised and so deeply honored when NARSC (North American Regional Science Association Council) presented me with the Walter Isard Award for my scholarly contributions. Walter Isard was the Founder of Regional Science and someone whose legacy because of his writings, mentorship, leadership, and wide impact globally will continue to inspire new generations.

Conferences are special -- we get together to present our latest research, to reconnect with colleagues and friends, to learn from one another, and to celebrate achievements and recognitions. Conferences also may take place in  interesting locations/destinations so, in going, one learns also from travel experiences.

There are several upcoming conferences that may be of interest to some of my readers. These are smaller, focused conferences in locations that I have been to and have very much enjoyed. I admit, I am involved in these conferences in various capacities (on the program committee, for example, or as an invited speaker), so I do care about their success.

The conferences are:

4th Workshop on Complex Networks: CompleNet 2013
Berlin, Germany, March 13-15, 2013

The flier below is for the above logistics conference in Gothenburg.
And, just to further pique your interest,  below I have posted several photos of Gothenburg taken this year since I am a Visiting Professor at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg and have fallen in love with the city and its people plus all that the city has to offer!