Monday, November 19, 2012

The Magic of Holiday Windows in NYC

I spent 3 days in NYC recently. Usually, when I travel it is to give a talk or to attend a conference but this time I was playing the role of a "spouse" and was in NYC to support my husband who was being honored by the Radio Club of America.

The weather at this time of year could not have been better so we walked for miles.

The Christmas tree was up in Rockefeller Center but had not yet been decorated and the shades were still drawn at the Saks windows.

Several major stores (lucky for us) had already decorated their holiday windows and the below photos were taken at Macy's (which will be the destination of the Thanksgiving parade this Thursday as it has been for many years), at Lord & Taylor's, and at Tiffany's.

I thought that these displays captured so well the magic of this season and,  given all the major weather events of the past year including, Superstorm Sandy, it was relaxing to just view some beautiful window displays.

Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate this special holiday!
Holiday Windows at Macy's
Holiday Windows at Lord & Taylor
     Holiday Windows at Tiffany's
When I was an Assistant Professor at UMass Amherst, after receiving my PhD from Brown University, two colleagues from Marketing, who have since left, and have had prominent careers, Professor Tom Madden and Professor Bill Dillon, used to tease me that "they don't do windows."

The beauty and artistry in the above (and the Tiffany window displays are miniatures), can't help but inspire.