Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Panel on How to Get an Academic Faculty Position

On April 19, 2013, the UMass Amherst INFORMS Student Chapter will be hosting a special panel on how to secure a faculty position in academia.

The students have prepared the nice poster below for the event that will take place at UMass Amherst from 10-11:00AM with refreshments at 9:30AM.

The event will be on the Engineering side of campus (not at the Isenberg School since all available rooms were booked that day).  It is nice to actually have our events alternate locations since our student members come from the Isenberg School and the College of Engineering, primarily, although, not exclusively, with the latter best represented by students in the Industrial Engineering program.
The message below is being circulated by the students. We will have two faculty from the Isenberg School on the panel, including yours truly, who is the chapter's Faculty Advisor, two from the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, and my most recent doctoral student, Amir H. Masoumi, who will be taking part in the graduation ceremonies at UMass Amherst next month at which he will receive his PhD diploma. 

Dear Members,

The UMASS Amherst Student Chapter of INFORMS invites you to our "The Process of Applying for and Securing an Academic Position" Panel.

The panelists are: Professor Anna Nagurney  and Professor Senay Solak  from the Isenberg School of Management, Professor Ana Muriel and Professor Hari Balasubramanian from the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department, and PhD Candidate Amir H. Masoumi, who successfully defended his dissertation in February 2013 and will receive his PhD with a concentration in Management Science in May 2013.

The panelists will share their experiences and answer any questions that the audience may have regarding the academic job search.

We strongly encourage you to come!

Date and time: 9:30am-11:00am, April 19th

Place: Room #323, ELAB I

UMass Student Chapter of INFORMS