Sunday, June 2, 2013

Financial Networks Double Volume in Production

One always looks forward to seeing one's work in print -- whether a journal article, an essay, an OpEd, a Letter to the Editor, or a book!

As an Editor,  it is rewarding to see the efforts of many resulting in a complete and finalized publication!

Being invited to be a Guest Editor of a special issue of a journal on a theme is an honor and it is exciting when one sees the hard work of the contributors, who submitted their papers (and then revised them), and that of the reviewers, who made useful and constructive suggestions, coming to a conclusion.

Some special issues may languish (think of critical path analysis in project planning) since a delay by an author in terms of revising or of reviewers in terms of refereeing may delay the entire volume production. This is not fair to all those involved and I was so pleased to have everyone who contributed to the special double volume on Financial Networks of the journal Computational Management Science that  I guest edited to have been so professional in their timeliness and attention -- Thank you!

The good news is that the special double issue, which I have written about on this blog,  is now in production by the publisher Springer!

I received and approved the cover below.

Springer has now made my editorial on the special issue available online to readers.

The volume represents contributions from both academics and practitioners from several different countries. Given the financial crisis of the past several years of historic economic proportions I believe that the papers in this volume will have a long-lasting impact.

I will send out a message when the hard copies of the volume are available.

Until then, the articles are available individually in Online First Articles by Springer.