Saturday, January 11, 2014

Big Milestone - 5 Years of Blogging and Post Number 1210

When I started this blog, with the first post on January 19, 2009, I never thought that 5 years would pass by so fast and that there would be so much to write about and to comment on!

This is my post #1,210, which comes out to 242 posts a year!

Just for fun, I have included a jpg of my very first post below. I was cautious and not very expressive then -- I have changed.
What continues to amaze me is the comments that I get from my readers, whether through emails or in person, which express appreciation for the advice that I have shared, along with helpful hints, on topics ranging from leadership to advocacy (from Operations Research to Women to the Environment) to handling rejection (of papers, that is) to interviewing skills to even how to organize speaker series and to do research.

I have tried to also cover different events, ranging from conferences to disasters (both local and far afield) as well as travel experiences and education in different parts of the world, and to highlight people who inspire. And, since networks are my passion, I have aimed to share with you fascinating discoveries and applications from supply chains to transportation and even the Future Internet, financial networks, and humanitarian logistics.

What has made the past 5 years so exciting, is the communities that I have enjoyed being part of  and the people that I have met through thousands of miles of travel. 

My readers come from almost all continents (except Antarctica -- if anyone from Antarctica is reading this, please email me).  I hope that the information that I have provided has been entertaining and  useful. I have heard from CEOs, other executives,  journalists, government officials,  university administrators, heads of educational institutions, numerous practitioners, scientists, academics, students, alums, neighbors, friends, colleagues, and even artists, authors, and athletes about what I have written that has captured their interest.

I appreciate the many thanks, which makes the effort and thought that goes into writing so worthwhile.

I am grateful to my readers and to  the very special community of fellow bloggers in Operations Research and beyond who always provide encouragement and interesting feedback and discussion!

We certainly live in fascinating times! Let's keep on blogging - we can change the world!