Thursday, February 6, 2014

Congrats to 2014 Newly Elected National Academy of Engineering Members - a Great List with Operations Research represented

After teaching my Humanitarian Logistics and healthcare class this morning I heard the great news.

Today the National Academy of Engineering announced its 2014 list of newly elected members and what a terrific list it is! 

Time to celebrate.

On the list are several individuals that are well-known in Operations Research and Analytics circles and I am so happy for them -- they are great individuals. Their citations are below

Dr. Carlos Daganzo, Chancellor Professor of the Graduate School, and retired Robert Horonjeff Chair in Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Berkeley.  For engineering contributions to traffic, transportation, and logistics systems and operations.

Dr. Brenda Dietrich,  IBM Fellow and vice president, and chief technology officer for Business Analytics Software, IBM, Somers, N.Y.  For contributions to engineering algorithms, frameworks, and tools to solve complex business problems.

Dr. Wallace Hopp, senior associate dean for faculty and research, Herrick Professor of Business, professor of technology and operations, and professor of industrial and operations engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.  For creating and applying fundamental engineering principles governing the underlying behavior of manufacturing systems and supply chains,

Dr. Alex "Sandy" Pentland, Toshiba Professor of Media, Arts, and Sciences; and director, Human Dynamics Laboratory and Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge.  For contributions to computer vision and technologies for measuring human social behavior.
Dr. Daganzo is the recipient of the Robert Herman Lifetime Achievement Award in Transportation Science, which he received at the INFORMS Minneapolis Meeting in October 2013.

Both Dr. Dietrich and Dr. Pentland have spoken in our UMass Amherst INFORMS Speaker Series at the Isenberg School of Management plus they were plenary speakers at the First Northeast Regional INFORMS Conference held at UMass Amherst in May 2011, which I helped to organize with Dr. Hari Balasubramanian of UMass Amherst and Dr. Les Servi of MITRE. A blogpost and photos are available here.

I have also interacted with Dr. Pentland on other occasions, including the SBP set of conferences in which I served as a tutorial chair for several years and he gave a fabulous tutorial!

Special congrats also to Dr. Hopp for his great work and much-deserved recognition.

*******Plus, an update from the INFORMS homepage, congrats  also to INFORMS member:  Dr. Stephen Boyd,  Samsung Professor in the School of Engineering; and professor, Information Systems Laboratory, department of electrical engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, Calif.  For contributions to engineering design and analysis via convex optimization.********