Sunday, March 9, 2014

Great New Concentrations in Our Operations & Information Management Major Including Supply Chain Management at the Isenberg School

We heard the news at our departmental meeting this past Friday at the Isenberg School of Management. Our proposal to have 3 concentrations in our Operations & Information Management major has been approved!

Students who are majoring in Operations & Information Management (the name of my new department) can now select from 3 concentrations: Integrated Operations & Information Management, Supply Chain Management, and Information Systems. These concentrations are even relevant to our May 2014 graduates, provided that they fulfill the requirements.

The official document can be found online.

Having these distinct concentrations provides better academic preparation for career paths and job opportunities.

I teach two of the courses in the new Supply Chain Management track - my Logistics and Transportation class in the Fall and my Humanitarian Logistics and Healthcare class in the Spring, which I am now teaching and have also been writing about in this blog because we have been hosting amazing guest speakers. The students have been writing about the lessons learned and their reflections.

Below is the full list of courses in our Supply Chain Management concentration:

 It's very exciting to see advances in our curricula that benefit both students and faculty, who love what they teach since they also do research in these areas!