Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Super Year for the Supernetwork Team

The academic year is drawing to a close with exams over with, grading completed and grades submitted,  and graduations upon us!

It is a time of year with many transitions and a great time to take stock.

Soon many of us will be off to conferences and, during the summer, will be immersed in various activities, which, of course, will include research and, for some of us, the supervision of doctoral students.

As the Founding Director of the Supernetwork Center at the Isenberg School of Management, I have been extra busy this past week. Center Directors have met with UMass Facilities Planning folks regarding space needs since we will be having a grand new addition to the Isenberg School!

Hence, there are many exciting and wonderful things happening.

This is a post to celebrate some of the great achievements this year of the Supernetwork Center Associates, who include not only students but also faculty from 3 different continents and several industrialists.

  • Center Associate Dr. Jose Cruz of the School of Business at UCONN was selected an Ackerman Scholar for 2014-2016.  The Ackerman Scholar Award recognizes significant and continuing all around academic productivity among the faculty of the School. It is awarded to faculty who are not already supported by Chair or Professorship appointments. This is his second appointment as an Ackerman Scholar, having held this appointment also from 2012-2014. 
  • Center Associate Dr. Trisha Anderson of the School of Business at Texas Wesleyan University, received the coveted "Exemplary Teacher Award" from her university.  The award is given to a Texas Wesleyan faculty member who displays quality in the areas of teaching, scholarship, community and University service and personal integrity.  Both Jose and Trisha received their PhDs in Management Science from UMass Amherst and I was their doctoral dissertation supervisor.  Jose has 5 degrees from UMass Amherst - a record!
  • Doctoral Student Center Associate  Dong "Michelle" Li is one of three Isenberg School of Management doctoral students awarded the 2014 Outstanding Doctoral Student Researcher Award. Given that the Isenberg School has 7 departments, this is quite the accomplishment.
  • Doctoral Student Center Associate Sara Saberi is one of ten recipients of the prestigious 2014 Isenberg Scholar Award at UMass Amherst and one of only three such recipients from the Isenberg School.
  •  The UMass Amherst INFORMS Student Chapter, whose President this year is Doctoral Student Center Associate Shivani Shukla, received the Magna Cum Laude Award for its activities. This is the 8th national award from INFORMS in as many years. I have been the chapter's Faculty Advisor for a decade.
  • Center Associate Dr. Amir H. Masoumi of the School of Business at Manhattan College received the 2013 Judith B. Liebman Award of INFORMS for his work with the UMass Amherst INFORMS Student Chapter while he was a doctoral student at the Isenberg School.
  • Plus, this year was extra special to me because I was elected an INFORMS Fellow last October in the class of 2013.
We expect to hear, shortly,  more very good news on the promotion & tenure cases of two Center Associates. We are just waiting for the final approval from the  Board of  Trustees of their universities.

Also, I would be remiss not to mention and recognize one of our Undergraduate Center Associate Alums, Christina Calvaneso, who worked at the Supernetwork Center,  and is a UMass Amherst alum, class of 2003. Christina, who is the Senior of VP and Business Operations at Eyeview, will be recognized on Jun 18, 2014 by the Isenberg School of Management with the 2014 Young Alum Business Leadership Award!  I nominated her for this award and had over a decade ago nominated her for the 21st Century Leaders Award, which she received from UMass Amherst.

I always say that you can accomplish so much more through collaboration and mutual support, and, besides, it is much more fun to work together!

Since supernetworks are "networks of networks" we certainly practice what we research and preach!

For more news on the Supernetwork Center and its Associates do check out our newsletters, going even back to 2004!