Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Supply Chain Network Quality, Sustainability, and Risk

The supernetwork team is very much looking forward to the 2014 INFORMS Annual Conference in San Francisco, which begins this coming Sunday!

I organized a session in the Network Optimization cluster: Supply Chain Network Competition: Advances in Models, Methods, and Applications, which will take place next Monday afternoon.

The session will feature talks on supply chain quality, sustainability, as well as risk associated with supplier selection (using supernetworks, of course)!

Three of the presentations have been completed and I include links to them below.
 Link to presentation on quality.
Link to first presentation on sustainability.
Link to second presentation on sustainability.

The final presentation in my session will be given by Professor June Dong (who was my first female PhD student at the Isenberg School of Management) and her collaborator, June Ma, who was a visitor at SUNY Oswego, where Professor Dong is a Full Professor, and who is with the Shengyang University of Science and Technology in China. Their talk is titled: "Supply Chan Supernetwork Model with Suppliers Risk Diversification."

Additional publication information on the first and third presentations above can be found below.

Equilibria and Dynamics of Supply Chain Network Competition with Information Asymmetry in Quality and Minimum Quality Standards, Anna Nagurney and Dong Li, Computational Management Science 11(3): (2014) pp 285-315.

Supply Chain Network Sustainability Under Competition and Frequencies of Activities from Production to Distribution, Anna Nagurney, Min Yu, and Jonas Floden, Computational Management Science 10(4): (2013) pp 397-422.

Professor Patrick Qiang's presentation is based on his paper, which is in press in the Journal of Cleaner Production.