Monday, January 19, 2015

Celebrating 6 Years of Blogging

Today marks the completion of 6 years of writing on this blog, which I started back on January 19, 2009, with a new administration and the New Year.

It has been a terrific journey and I thank all of my readers who have extended their appreciation for my posts.

I continue to believe that there is still much to be said, celebrated, and commented on so I look forward to continuing to write on this blog.

I have tried to provide tips for academic job seekers, for researchers, as well as for students, and to acknowledge achievements of both students and faculty and those who make a difference in people's lives.  I have also tried my best to recognize those who have been great mentors, educators, and leaders.

Research has also been a consistent, very important topic on this blog, RENeW (Research, Education, Networks and the World) as well as travel experiences and observations on academic lifestyles in different countries, Sweden included.

I have tried to include photos in may posts as well as useful links.

And today, as we celebrate Martin Luther King's Day, I recognize the importance of having different voices and perspectives heard and acknowledged.

Looking forward to a great new semester, which begins at UMass tomorrow!