Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Exciting Finance Conference on Banking Regulation and Stability at Gothenburg University

I very much like interdisciplinary research and being an operations researcher one is able to explore and also to contribute to different disciplines.

Here at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg, where I am a Visiting Professor, I sit in a suite of offices with Transportation & Logistics colleagues and also Finance ones. Since I used to be in the Department of Finance and Operations Management at the Isenberg School (until the number of students really grew and now we have the Finance Department and my Operations & Information Management Department)  I feel so comfortable and welcome here in Sweden.

One of my Finance colleagues in Gothenburg, Professor Ted Lindblom, invited me to a conference that is taking place next week here that I am very excited about and will be attending. Moreover, there will be colleagues from MIT and UConn in attendance and even friends of my Finance colleagues at Isenberg, Professor Mila Sherman and Nikunj Kapadia. I am very much interested in systemic risk issues and that was one of the themes of the Cybersecurity Risk Workshop that Mila, Professor Senay Solak, Professor Wayne Burleson, and I organized last September with support provided by the Advanced Cyber Security Center and also Professor Andrew Lo of MIT.

Below is the program for the Banking conference next week -- looking forward to it! There will also be practitioners in attendance and as speakers. More info is here.

 I'll be reporting on the conference on this blog, so do stay tuned.