Thursday, July 9, 2015

Looking Forward to Being a Visting Fellow at All Souls College at Oxford University

This past Tuesday, my husband and I took the train from London to Oxford (now the same trains and the London tube are not running due to a strike, the first in 20 years).

I have been conferencing in Europe, beginning with the Dynamics of Disasters conference in Greece, followed by the EUROPT conference, now taking place in Edinbirg, Scotland, and next week, the EURO conference in Glasgow.

Since Oxford is ony a one hour train ride from London it made sense to go and visit All Souls College at Oxford University where I will be a Visiting Fellow next year during the trinity term.

All Souls College is considered to be one of the most prestigious colleges at Oxford and the history of it, which dates to the mid 1400s testifies to that. 

I heard the great news that I was selected to be a Visiting Fellow at All Souls College while I was checking by email on the MetroNorth train to New York City last November.  Only a few days after the good news the Isenberg School of Management had a special tribute to Gene Isenberg, and I spoke with one of his grandsons, Stefan, who had graduated from Oxford University.

I have been communicating with the Visiting Fellow secretary regularly and got a chance to meet her at Oxford and also to meet one of the porters.

Women have been allowed to be Fellows at All Souls College only since  1979.

According to All Souls College in regards to Visiting Fellowships: The purpose of the scheme is to bring to the College distinguished scholars (and occasionally individuals with careers in public service) from outside the University of Oxford who would benefit from undertaking their research project here.

The architecture of Oxford University is stunning as are the green spaces and river surroundings.
We even managed to find the place that we will be living at while I am a Visiting Fellow and I enjoyed seeing the gift below of this year's Fellows in front of the complex.
As for the food in Oxford, my husband and I shared a delicious lunch of fish and chips with mushed peas (they were so good0 and avocado.
Then, after miles of walking, we treated ourselves to a cream tea (what can beat a scone and cold clotted cream plus hot tea in the afternoon?) in the oldest coffee house in England.
It will be quite the experience moving from New England to Old England next year - I am very much looking forward to it and will also have to bring my Brown University cap and gown for various academic events.