Tuesday, July 10, 2018

From Disaster Relief to Freight Sustainability - Our Talks at EURO in Valencia, Spain

This summer I am again spending at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University where I am a Summer Fellow. I have been busy working on a project on perishable product supply chains from food to blood.

Last summer I was also at Harvard as a Summer Fellow but spent a considerable amount of time flying to conferences, including one I co-organized on the Dynamics of Disasters, which took place in Kalamata, Greece.

Since I will have a heavy set of speaking engagements this Fall and I also wanted to fully take advantage of my time at the incredible Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, I have had co-authors present our latest work at the EURO Conference in Valencia, Spain.

I am delighted to report that our three presentations, two on disaster relief, and one on sustainable freight, have now been presented!

These presentations can be downloaded in their entirety here.

The first paper above is in press in the new Dynamic of Disasters: Algorithmic Approaches and Applications volume that I co-edited with Professors Ilias Kotsireas and Panos M. Pardalos.  The published is Springer. The last paper above was published in the European Journal of Operational Research very recently and was co-authored with Professor Sara Saberi (also a former doctoral student of mine) and her colleague at WPI, Professor Joe Sarkis.  The second paper above has three generations of scholars as authors: besides myself - Professor Tina Wakolbinger and her doctoral student, Timo Gossler, in addition to our collaborator Professor Patrizia Daniele.

Below I have posted a few photos from the conference, thanks to my wonderful co-author from Italy, Professor Patrizia Daniele. What is truly special is that three of my former PhD students from the Isenberg School, Professor Jose M. Cruz of UCONN's School of Business, Professor Tina Wakolbinger of the Vienna University of Economics and Business, and Professor Dmytro Matsypura of the University of Sydney in Australia, were all at the conference, and both Jose and Tina, as well as Patrizia, spoke on our joint research. They all continue as Supernetwork Center Associates and
it is fabulous to see how synergistic our research has been over the years and how beautifully the friendships established in our doctoral program have continued!
A big thank you to the organizers of the terrific EURO 2018 Conference in Valencia, Spain, for a fabulous conference for the exchange of the latest in scientific accomplishments n Operations Research and Analytics!