Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2009 World Science Festival and Traffic

The program for the 2009 World Science Festival is now online and it is thrilling! The daily events can now be accessed and I can hardly wait. I will be a speaker in this year's festival and will be taking part in the Traffic event on Friday, July 12, 2009. You can find more info here. What could be more fun than sharing one's passion for transportation with science lovers in the grandest city of them all -- New York! I am expecting a lot of friends and colleagues at this festival and at the Traffic event.

As for the speakers, I will be in the lineup with such amazing individuals as Alan Alda, Harrison Ford, Shirley Ann Jackson, Leon Lederman, Edward O. Wilson, Oliver Sacks, Harold Varmus and even Bobby McFerrin! Nice to be representing the "western" part of Massachusetts and, in particular, the Isenberg School of Management and UMass Amherst. Special thanks go to Professor Brian Greene of Columbia University, the co-founder of the World Science Festival, and the Chair of the World Science Foundation, for his vision!