Sunday, May 6, 2012

I Was the Academic Mother of the Bride

Yesterday, we traveled with one of my doctoral students, Min Yu, who will be receiving her PhD this coming week at graduate ceremonies at UMass Amherst,  to Beacon, New York to attend the wedding of another former doctoral student of mine, Dt. Trisha Woolley, who was married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony overlooking the Hudson River. Another former doctoral student, Dr., Zugang "Leo" Liu, also came with his family to celebrate with us.

Both Trisha and Leo are now professors so there was also a supernetwork reunion aspect to the wedding.

The bride met the groom at the POMS Conference in Dallas, Texas, a few years ago appropriately, on May 5 and the wedding was on May 5, which was also the 38th anniversary of her parents' wedding.

I have had invitations to attend weddings of my doctoral students in India and outside London (I have videos of those weddings since I could not attend them) and have been to the wedding of Dr. Jose M. Cruz, which took place at Smith College.

As for my academic family tree, see the math genealogy list, which has now been traced back to Newton and Galileo. 

Remember, next Sunday is Mother's Day!