Thursday, May 10, 2012

Looking Forward to the UMass and Isenberg School Graduations

Tomorrow and Saturday the town of Amherst will be buzzing with multiple graduation ceremonies, beginning with the graduate and undergraduate commencements at UMass Amherst tomorrow morning and afternoon, respectively.

On Saturday morning, the Isenberg School of Management will also be honoring its graduating undergraduates in a special ceremony.

The legendary journalist, Ted Koppel, will be receiving an honorary degree tomorrow. Also, Eugene Isenberg, after whom our School of Management is named, will be receiving a special award for his philanthropy.

I am very much looking forward to these events-- tomorrow morning one of my doctoral students, Min Yu, will be receiving her doctorate diploma and several of her family members have already arrived from China for this very special occasion. I also will be sending off the Isenberg School of Management undergraduates, especially our Operations Management majors.

There is a very nice writeup In the Loop on those being honored at commencement ceremonies.

Congratulations to all those receiving their diplomas as well as to their families!

Next month, I will be giving a commencement speech at Gothenburg University to those receiving Masters degrees from the School of Business, Economics and Law. I received an outline of the associated ceremonies, which include a lunch and end with strawberries and sparkling wine.

I have started working on my commencement speech. This will be a special experience.

I have given a commencement speech earlier, but it was to students graduating from the Isenberg School and their guests.