Wednesday, March 4, 2015

3 Papers Published in Less than 3 Weeks!

This has certainly been a winter of record-breaking cold as well as snowfalls in the Northeast of the US! In the case of Amherst, we had the coldest average temperatures in February since records were first taken back in 1835!

You may take some solace through the frigid temperatures and disruptions, the roof problems, ice dams, home water leaks, etc., from a recent study from Harvard University, "Rainmakers: Why bad weather means good productivity."

New Englanders tend to be very hardworking and, given the number of academic institutions in our area, we certainly contribute to the education and research missions.

I always say that "good news happens in 3s" and in less than 3 weeks I have had 3 papers published in journals, which I think is a record for me.

In academia, one may have a paper accepted for publication and then the journal will put it online but it may still take some time to have the paper actually appear in a journal volume. In academia we certainly learn patience and I try to instill that in my doctoral students, sometimes with mixed success.

On February 16, 2015, my paper, Design of Sustainable Supply Chains for Sustainable Cities, which was an invited paper for the Complex-City Workshop, December 5-6, 2011, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, was published in Environment & Planning B 42(1): (2015) pp 40-57. It had actually been posted online in January 2013, and then it took over 2 years to appear in a special edited volume of the journal.

The timing is, nevertheless, propitious, since, in mid-March, I will be delivering a big lecture at a plenary symposium in Berlin, Germany on the topic.

On February, 18, 2015, I had the pleasure of sharing the joy of a publication with one of my doctoral students, Dong "Michelle" Li. Our paper, A Supply Chain Network Game Theory Model with Product Differentiation, Outsourcing of Production and Distribution, and Quality and Price Competition, was published in the Annals of Operations Research 228(1), (2015) pp 479-503.

And today, March 4, 2015, the paper,  A Multiproduct Network Economic Model of Cybercrime in Financial Services, was published in Service Science 7(1): (2015) pp 70-81.

Amazingly, even the temperature now is above freezing in Amherst and some of the snow is starting to melt.