Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thank you, Governor Deval Patrick, and Congratulations!

My husband and I voted yesterday in our local fire station and saw a lot of our neighbors. Those neighbors who were out of the country submitted their votes through absentee ballots.

Our daughter wanted to come with us and enjoyed all the "hi's!" and "hello's" plus the "we thought you were too young to vote!" comments. The latter is true but she is so engaged in what is happening locally and globally and is very interested in politics, so she came with us.

The returns are now in and the state of Massachusetts has reelected Deval Patrick, who will be serving our Commonwealth as Governor for another 4 years!

His words below from The Boston Globe capture eloquently how many of us feel:

We go back to work in service of a brighter and better Commonwealth, a better future for those who voted for us and those who did not alike. We must be, all of us, about lifting the whole Commonwealth up, not tearing anyone down, and modeling for a nation hungry for something positive to believe in that we are, once again, the center, the leader for this country.

Indeed, with all the bullying that we observe and read and hear about, is it not time to be positive, to be building, and not tearing anyone down?!

Our country needs positivity and uplifting economically, emotionally, and maybe even spiritually, desperately.

Our Governor understands Massachusetts and its role in education and high technology. He was instrumental in making the dream of a High Performance Computing Center in Holyoke, Massachusetts a reality and supports public education at all levels. He realizes that the state of Massachusetts includes cities and towns west of Worcester and comes to western MA regularly.

I had a former boss, who will remain nameless, who enjoyed pushing others down, and every time that he tried again to make my job and life difficult I would say to myself: I am like a spring and the more he pushes me down the higher I will bounce up. His career is now over.

The people of Massachusetts can look forward to four more years of innovation and creativity and having the guts and courage to do what is needed for the citizenry and the Commonwealth!

Massachusetts is definitely one of the best states in the union!