Saturday, November 20, 2010

Why Small Gestures are Big and What Great Leaders Already Do and Know

It is always so interesting to observe and see how those in positions of "substance" behave and act, especially when it comes to those that they oversee or who may report to them.

I continue to be impressed by those who lead by example and -- who

  • take the time to write a nice note, which need not be on fancy stationery, or send a timely, enthusiastic and supporting email;
  • congratulate those who have achieved something special and do so publicly, which makes it even more special;
  • praise members of the organization for a job well-done;
  • show up to events even when bosses may not be there to take attendance;
  • do what should be done without extra financial compensation;
  • mentor and advocate for those less fortunate or without the "right" connections;
  • create opportunities that build up people and an organization rather than use tactics that "divide and destroy;"
  • add humor and spirit to daily interactions.
As people move up (and down) the hierarchies of various organizations, institutions, corporations, and even universities, great leaders are those that will be followed because they took the time to acknowledge others.

One cannot be successful by doing it alone.