Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Photo Essay of Gothenburg, Sweden to Capture the Memories

I made it yesterday evening from Gothenburg, Sweden through Amsterdam Schiphol airport on Delta/KLM and had wonderful seatmates on both legs of my flight. On the first leg,  I set next to a chemical engineer who received her degree from Chalmers and was going on a business trip to The Netherlands and, on the second leg (the long one over the Atlantic), I sat next to an electrical engineer from Gothenburg, who also had received his degree from Chalmers, and  who was going for training in Boston. He works on big data and visualization so our conversation flowed.

Both confirmed one theme that I have been writing about on this blog for the past month from Sweden where I have been living part-time this year as a Visiting Professor -- work-life balance is not an issue in Sweden due its parental leave policies and other benefits.

I thought it appropriate (and somehow we made it through Logan despite the enhanced security since President Obama was also in Boston), to capture some of the special images of Gothenburg, Sweden  with recent photos.

The photos  speak for themselves. The above joke one was taken in one of the numerous cafes in this city.

No wonder Scandinavians are considered to be the happiest people on earth.