Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Sunday Morning in Sweden Working on Operations Research and Network Economics

I am sitting in my office at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden working on a supply chain problem that integrates network economics and operations research.

Wandering into my building here,  I spoke with several students who were eager to get their grades and several others who are finishing their projects. As I gaze outside my window at the beautiful Swedish sky and the trees blowing in the wind, I can't help but be inspired.

I have a big cup of cappuccino in hand, that I got from the machine around the corner from my office just by pressing a button (couldn't  we all use one of those back in the US).

Once I formulate the network model I will reward myself with a walk in the beautiful huge park only a few blocks from the School of Business, Economics and Law and will then head to the art museum which has a special Munch exhibit.

I very much enjoy being back in an urban environment (but one in which greenery and flowers permeate) and where one can walk to so many interesting locations, shops, and parks and, if one needs transportation, then one can just hop on one of the trams or busses that snake through the beautiful city of Gothenburg.

How can I not feel at home here -- last evening I went to a restaurant that I had enjoyed when I was in Gothenburg for two weeks back in March and the waitress even remembered my order. I guess I had left an impression.

Plus, even the clerks at the international press store and the 711 that has the most delicious coffee and croissants remember me as well.

Thanks to the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg for giving me this incredible opportunity. Every day here is very special and the beauty and functionality of the built and natural environment in Sweden should be replicated in the US (at least in my dreams).