Monday, June 11, 2012

Sweden Lets its Citizens Speak Through Twitter @Sweden

Sweden has a new program which lets a nominated (no self-nominations allowed) citizen of the country speak for Sweden on its Twitter account @Sweden for a full week.

Since I am now living in Sweden and working as a Visiting Professor at the University of Gothenburg, I think that this is another great Swedish experiment.

Interestingly, it was The New York Times that featured an article on this, if I may say, social experiment, in this wonderful and very progressive country.

But, as the article stated, be careful about your spelling and do not confuse "finish" with "Finnish."

I am very much enjoying living again in Europe during another major set of soccer games. It's not the World Cup, the last one taking place in 2010, which I recall fondly since we were at the ALIO-INFORMS Conference in Buenos Aires during part of it. 

It is now time for the Euro Cup and, since I am of Ukrainian heritage and Ukrainian is my first language, the soccer game tonight between Sweden and Ukraine in Euro 2012 with both flags being yellow and blue will be one that we will be avidly watching (probably from one of the many venues that will be showing the game in downtown Gothenburg). It is very exciting that the 2012 Euro Cup is taking place in Poland and in Ukraine. I have academic colleagues that will be going to many of the soccer matches in Ukraine.

I wonder whether this week´s Swedish citizen will be tweeting about the soccer game tonight.