Sunday, September 9, 2012

Our Highly Downloaded Blood Supply Chain Network Paper is Now Available for Free Download -- Thanks to Computational Management Science and Springer

I do like it when a journals and publishers are proactive and innovative.

It also feels good, as a researcher, that the papers that you write and are published are actually read!

The paper, "Supply Chain Network Operations Management of a Blood Banking System with Cost and Risk Minimization," that I co-authored with my doctoral students, Amir H, Masoumi, and Min Yu, is now one of the most highly downloaded articles in the journal Computational Management Science.

And Springer, the journal's publisher, has made the article available for free download.

Min Yu has received her PhD, since the article was published, and is now an Assistant Professor and Pamplin Fellow at the Pamplin School of Business at the University of Portland in Oregon.

Amir and I also co-authored the paper, Supply Chain Network Design of a Sustainable Blood Banking System,which appears in the book,  Sustainable Supply Chains: Models, Methods and Public Policy Implications (2012), T. Boone, V. Jayaraman, and R. Ganeshan, Editors, Springer, London, England, pp 49-72.

In these papers, we use some of the ideas on generalized network models going back to the work that I did on dynamic spatial price equilibrium models with gains and losses with Jay Aronson in which the product flow volumes  can change over space and time because of product perishability (losses) or successful investments (gains).