Monday, October 22, 2012

My Favorite Cafe

I am back from another  month in Sweden (was there also in June) and missing Europe already.

It was a fabulous month and I have been blogging about conferences, various activities, and, of course, the wonderful people and the beauty of Sweden (plus its terrific infrastructure, including transportation systems).

This morning, back in Amherst, my husband made the first pot of coffee, which did not taste right to me so I made the second pot.

In Sweden, I would get dressed, walk around the corner to Le Pain Francais on Vasagatan (I have lived on two occasions this year on Storgatan in Gothenburg, Sweden).when not going to the corner 711 (yes, the coffee there plus the staff are wonderful). I would indulge in a cup of cafe latte or cappuccino and would then walk to my office at the University of Gothenburg via a pedestrian walkway and bicycleway bordered by beautiful trees.

The photos below were taken at Le Pain Francais last week and my favorite barista even remembers my macaron order from when I was in Sweden in June!

How can one not be productive in such a beautiful environment with such great coffee (and treats)!

In one month, I managed to have 2 papers published, another one accepted, and one submitted, plus I put the finishing touches on a new book.

No wonder Scandinavians are considerd (by the United Nations) to be the happiest people on the planet!

They know how to work and also how to live. And all the walking enables us to indulge and to enjoy one another's company!