Thursday, September 26, 2013

Financial Networks -- Special Issue of Computational Management Science

I received a lovely message the other day from a Springer editor which said:

Dear Anna,

I just received my copy of the special issue on “Financial Networks” of Computational Management Science. I am impressed by the excellent outcome, and I would like to thank you very much for this outstanding piece of work. I am definitely convinced that this special issue will help the journal in its positive development and in the task to position itself as a journal of superior quality.

Once more my compliments and thankfulness for your collaboration.

With best wishes,


Christian Rauscher
Senior Editor, Business/Economics

How very thoughtful and how much appreciated was the above message. And I do concur, I think that the special issue is really great and below I display the cover of the journal double volume.

My editorial on this special issue can be accessed here. The list of papers and abstracts can be found here. What I especially like about this double volume is that it includes papers by both practitioners and academics and it is so nice to see that research on Financial Networks is continuing to fascinate!

As we say in academia, it may take a while, but good research rises to the top!