Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Information on the Network Frontier Workshop at Northwestern University

Nothing is cooler or more fascinating than Networks!

When I received the invitation from Professor Motter of Northwestern University to speak at the upcoming 2013 Network Frontier Workshop, I had to accept. 

Professor Motter recently received the Erdos-Renyi Prize in Network Science, so congratulations are also in order!

I like the workshop poster and am featuring it above to generate more interest.  The website is now live.

For all of you who love the interdisciplinary unifying power of networks, I hope that you can join us!

The below from the poster announcement is captivating!

The Network Frontier Workshop 2013  is a three-day event highlighting leading-edge research on complex networks. Participants working on innovative aspects of complex systems will communicate recent results and ideas relevant to fields as diverse as brain, climate, and socio-technological research. Sessions will include theory and applications of nonlinear dynamics and statistical physics in the context of synchronization, cascades, transportation, control, and failure recovery in complex dynamical systems.