Friday, September 27, 2013

Network Economics of Cyber Crime

I have been working on network economics with interfaces to various applications for quite a while, with the first edition of my book on the topic being published twenty years ago!
About two years ago, we were approached to submit a proposal to the Advanced Cyber Security Center, which was soliciting proposals for its Prime the Pump Initiative and our project, Cybersecurity Risk Analysis and Investment Optimization, was funded.

Our project team is interdisciplinary, and consists of Professors Wayne Burleson of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mila Getmansky Sherman of Finance, Senay Solak, and yours truly of the Operations & Information Management Department, of the Isenberg School of Management, and Chris Misra, of the OIT Department -- all of us at UMass Amherst.

The Project Synopsis:

The vision of this project was to develop:

  • rigorous models for cybersecurity risk,
  • models for costs and benefits of various cybersecurity technologies,
  • techniques for integrating  these models into higher level models that account for other risks and risk management expenditures.
I will be presenting an aspect of our research project at INFORMS Minneapolis in the presentation entitled: Network Economics of Cyber Crime with Applications to Financial Service Organizations.

 The presentation can be downloaded here.

The invitation to submit a paper to the invited session came from Dr. Alla Kammerdiner, whom I met at a marvelous conference in Yalta, Ukraine.

The session information is here.

Dr. Kammerdiner I wrote about earlier in this blog -- she had run the Boston Marathon that was the site for the terrorist attack last April 15.

Another presentation on our project, from a broader perspective, can be accessed here.