Saturday, February 7, 2015

Congrats on an Extraordinary Women in Business Conference at the Isenberg School Today!

The 2015 Women of Isenberg Conference took place at the Isenberg School of Management today and it was extraordinary!

I salute the Women of Isenberg Student Planning Committee: Lauren Cacaceli, Abby Wells, Mary Lynch, Diana Cioccolini, and Casey Gover  for a conference that will be hard to top in terms of organization, attention to detail, stunning programs  with photos and speaker bios, fabulous panels,  great networking events, delicious pastries and refreshments plus fresh fruit, and a fabulous luncheon buffet - with salmon and roasted potatoes and chocolate torte with fresh cream for dessert.

The Isenberg Women in Business Club were behind this second annual conference with support provided by the Career Center and Development.

Alums came from throughout the Northeast to speak as panelists and provide advice to students and other professionals.

The program was crafted to be stimulating with an opening keynote speaker, Nicole Simeral,  in the morning and Kelly O'Kane at the end of the conference. Nicole's company was voted Best of Boston 2014 and you can read more about her here.  Kelly graduated from the Isenberg School in 2010 with a degree in Finance and recently heard that she was accepted into the MBA program at Stanford.

There were several panels to choose from in each time slot and I wish that I could have attended them all!

Building Your Brand (Part 1)
Career Advocating
Women in Sport
Finding a Balance
Building Your Brand (Part 2)
How to Grow to C-Level Positions
Corporate Social Responsibility
Young Alum

Our Dean, Dr. Mark Fuller,  had opening comments as did our Undergraduate Associate Dean, Dr. Linda Shea.

Below I share some photos from this great day!

You can see from the above photos that there were quite a few men in attendance as well!

And we received canvas tote bags with goodies inside - even "branded M&Ms and a water bottle filled with Lindt chocolates.

Truly special was also receiving a personal Thank You card from the moderator of my panel: Building Your Brand I, Caroline Malloy, Isenberg '15.

Congratulations to all concerned on an exceptional Women of Isenberg 2015 Conference and thank you!

And the Women in Business Club raised $30,000 to help make this all possible so many thanks also to the sponsors!