Saturday, May 15, 2010

Isenberg School of Management Graduation Photos

In my earlier blogpost I wrote about the excitement surrounding college graduations.

Above I share some photos taken at the Isenberg School of Management graduation, which took place today. The event was fabulous. It was so special to shake the graduates' hands and there were numerous hugs. Faculty members from each departmental major congratulated the respective graduates. I shook the Operations Management majors' hands.

This Isenberg graduating class of about 1,000 represents 23% of the undergraduates who graduated from UMass Amherst this year, which is quite impressive. As impressive is the quality of the students and how wonderful they are.

It will be hard to top such a tremendous group of students.

You can read more about the general undergraduate commencement that took place at UMass Amherst today here and read Sheila Bair's remarks here. Sheila Bair is the Chairwoman of the FDIC and was the commencement speaker today.