Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snow in October -- Is This a Trick or a Treat?!

The snow has started to fall in Massachusetts and it's only October 29th.

I made it back from Montreal late last night, where I had a wonderful time at McGill University, where I delivered a seminar, only to be welcomed by a Nor'easter today.

Many high school sports games (understandably), including my daughter's Deerfield Academy field hockey game against Andover, have been canceled, complete with a tailgate party that many of the parents were looking forward to! However, the Halloween party at Deerfield is still scheduled for tonight and, I suspect, many will be waking up tomorrow morning to a fall winter wonderland with upwards of a foot of snow or more forecast for our area of western Massachusetts!

The snow began to fall in Central Park in NYC today at 11:30AM.

The snow is expected to be wet and heavy (indeed, the flakes are large outside of my office window and falling at a furious clip) and with so many trees still with their leaves attached, many can suffer broken tree limbs due to the added weight. Let's hope for minimal damage and power outages. Our area has had enough weather experiences the past couple of months with the tornadoes and then Hurricane Irene and the once in 500 years flood.

USA Today is reporting this snowstorm to be one for the record books, given that it is still the month of October and 2 days before Halloween!