Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Perishable Product Supply Chains in Health Care

I will be speaking at McGill University in the Management Science research seminar this Friday.

I am very much looking forward to being back at McGill, having been there only this past August at the terrific INTRIM Conference, which focused in integrated risk management in operations and global supply chains.

The title and abstract of my presentation are below.

Title: Perishable Product Supply Chains in Health Care: Models, Analysis, and Computations

Abstract: In this presentation, I will describe our recent research on perishable product supply chains ranging from pharmaceutical supply chains with branded products to medical nuclear supply chains and blood supply chains. I will discuss the generalized network frameworks under system-optimization as well as in the case of oligopolistic competition. Waste management and sustainability issues will also be highlighted.

The OM/MS group at McGill is fabulous and I will be hosted by Professor Vedat Verter and Mehmet Gumus.