Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our Fragile Networks Book Was at #informs2012

I wish that we could teleport ourselves, so that, with the time difference between Gothenburg, Sweden and Phoenix, Arizona, I could have attended both the Future Urban Transport Symposium, which took place here in Gothenburg, and the 2012 INFORMS Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

Perhaps one day such extreme transportation will be possible.

Luckily, my collaborators were at the 2012 INFORMS conference so that 5 presentations were given that I was a contributor to.

I was a panelist at the Future Urban Transport conference so we had talks taking place on two continents this past week.

Our latest book, Fragile Networks: Identifying Vulnerabilities and Synergies in an Uncertain World, was also at the INFORMS conference, thanks to the publisher, John Wiley & Sons, and the photo above was forwarded to me by my co-author, Dr. Patrick Qiang, who is holding our book at the Wiley booth in Phoenix.