Monday, October 15, 2012

Urban Freight for Livable Cities -- Future Urban Transport

Gothenburg, Sweden -- to me -- is a very livable city and my experiences here as a Visiting Professor of Operations Management at the University of Gothenburg are very rewarding in all dimensions -- intellectually, socially, and even, if I may say, artistically, given the beauty of the environment, the parks, the elegance of the people here, the beauty of the architecture,  and the museums.

Today, the Future Urban Transport Symposium begins in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The theme this year is Urban Freight for Livable Cities and the program is fantastic  with a stunning brochure produced.

The sponsors of this workshop are Volvo, the city of Gothenburg, and VREF, marking a remarkable partnership.

Colleagues from academicians, researchers, as well as practitioners, and policy-makers, are convening from around the globe for this symposium.

It will be wonderful to listen to the presentations and to take part in the discussions.

It is an honor to also be a panelist at this symposium on a topic of great interest to many!

The most recent paper that I authored on this topic was  Design of Sustainable Supply Chains for Sustainable Cities.