Wednesday, April 11, 2012

America Revealed Airs Tonight -- First Episode on Food

I am very much looking forward to the PBS series America Revealed, which is a four part series uncovering the hidden patterns of economic activities that underpin the US -- from food (tonight's segment at 10PM ET) to transportation (next week), and energy, and manufacturing on subsequent Wednesday nights.

Supernetworks have arrived!

The series should be fascinating and I was honored to be videotaped with the host and star of the series, Yul Kwon, on Broadway in NYC for a transportation videoclip on the Braess paradox and gridlock.

I was interviewed by Carrie Saldo, the host of the PBS show, Connecting Point, about my experiences with America Revealed and the segment will are tonight on WGBY 57 at 7:30 ET.  It is called Braess Paradox, and How It Impacts Our World.