Monday, April 16, 2012

Rocky Mountain Express -- The IMAX Movie and NSF Grant We Did Not Get

A few years ago (back in 2005)  I was approached by a Canadian film producer to partner on a National Science Foundation (NSF) preproposal to develop an IMAX movie on transportation through the prism of railroads and supernetworks.

How could I possible refuse an invitation such as this?

Sadly, what we wrote up did not get recommended for further review so I filed away what we had written up and periodically would think -- what if we had been able to do a movie together?!

A few weeks ago, I was going over some of my files and happened to come across our proposal and memories came flooding back.

Since I was born in Canada I do have a soft spot for Canadians and, given my research, all forms of transportation and network problems.

Today, I received a message from Alexander Low (my Co-PI on the preproposal) and, in his message, he said that he and his brother, Stephen Low,  did produce an IMAX  railway film, "Rocky Mountain Express." It  is a steam train journey through the Canadian Rockies that relates the epic story of the building of the Canadian Pacific Railroad. The image above is from a brochure that Alexander forwarded to me. The film is now playing in a few markets in the US (including Chicago) and in the Hague in Europe.

There is a theatrical trailer of the movie posted on Youtube.

More information on the movie and where it is showing is available here.

I look forward to seeing it and congratulations to the Lows for this stunning and educational production!

Perhaps there will be an opportunity to work on a project on sustainable transportation in the not too distant future.

I have read the rave reviews of this film with some viewers coming back over half a dozen times!

Given that my husband is an avid railfan and collector of model trains, this will definitely be a family excursion. Perhaps it is also time to take a train across Canada!