Friday, April 27, 2012

Some Photos from the Isenberg School Awards Banquet

 Last evening we had our awards banquet at which students are recognized with awards and also scholarships.

The evening was very special and I took the above photos at it.

It was very special to meet some of the students' family members and to hear about their numerous accomplishments.

Sitting at our table were students who had come to the US 9 years ago and, at a neighboring table, a student who had come from Uzbekistan (and spoke flawless English).

I saw several of my Operations Management students who also received awards.

Students were recognized for their outstanding academics, for overcoming hardships, for their exemplary service and community work, and internships.

An enjoyable time was had by all and the food at the banquet, which took place at the Campus Center, was delicious.

Congrats to all the students on their much-deserved recognitions and thanks to the donors!

The masters of ceremonies were our Dean, Dr. Mark Fuller, and our head of Development, Mr. Ed Brozman. Tons of work happened behind the scenes to make everything flow smoothly.