Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cybersecurity Risk Analysis for Enterprise Risk Security - Photos from a Fabulous Workshop

Yesterday, we held our Workshop on Cybersecurity Risk Analysis for Enterprise Security, at MIT's Sloan School.

The event was sponsored through a grant that we received from the Advanced Cyber Security Center (ACSC): Professors Wayne Burleson of the College of Engineering, Mila Sherman of the Finance Department, and Senay Solak, and I of the Department of Operations and Information Management at UMass Amherst.

The workshop was fabulous with panelists and participants from the ACSC, academia, industry, and government. 

The Isenberg School posted a nice news release on our workshop.

Below, I capture some of the highlights through photos of the speakers, panelists, and venue.

Great to see my NSF project collaborator and PI, Associate Dean Professor Tilman Wolf, with a doctoral student that we are working with. (The commute from Amherst to Cambridge took us separately 3 hours.)
William Guenther, Chairman, CEO & Founder of Mass Insight, opening up the workshop
Charles Benway, Executive Director of ACSC, and Professor Wayne Burleson giving their Opening Remarks

The one and only Dr. David Clark, who is an Internet legend, thought-leader, and visionary, and Senior Research Scientist at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, giving his keynote: The Foundations of Poor Cybersecurity, and with fans afterwards

I followed with my talk on Network Science and Economics, which can be downloaded, in its entirety, here.

During the breaks and lunch there were opportunities for further discussions

The Cybersecurity panelists sharing their insights with us
The one and only Professor Andrew Lo of the Sloan School giving his keynote during the lunch

 My great colleague and workshop co-organizer, Professor Mila Sherman

   The Risk panelists

My Operations and Information Management colleague, Professor Senay Solak, getting ready to give his great talk

The panelists on the Modeling and Optimization: Making Better Decisions for Cybersecurity panel that Senay and I moderated

The audience, venue. and our MIT technician (for some reason my talk would not project at first, and it is in pdf style, but we used a backup computer, and the show went on!)

And, as "icing on the cake," I got to meet a Wharton PhD, whose dissertation advisor was Dr. Pat Harker, then the Dean of Wharton. Pat is now the President of the University of Delaware. Her dissertation was on stochastic variational inequalities, so it was extra special to be able to talk with her!

Many excellent research questions were generated and I hope that the great momentum established continues given the importance of the issues raised and discussed!

In order to address the cybersecurity challenges we need private - public partnerships with academia, industry, and government,  such as the one that ACSC is building.

Thanks to everyone for such a rewarding day professionally and intellectually!